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Hosted by Arif and Ricky
CEO The Creators Breakthrough Academy




Are you struggling to achieve the financial freedom you want?
(even though you’re working really hard)

Feel like you’re spinning your wheels but still aren’t seeing results?
(while everyone else seems to succeeding a lot more)

Confused or overwhelmed about what to do next to get ahead?
(as the time goes by, you don't understand why your are stuck in your 9 to 5)

We’ve been there.



But let REAL RESULTS from REAL CLIENTS who initially felt lost, frustrated or overwhelmed SPEAK FOR US

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"This program is a pure SUCCESS for ANYONE  who is looking for a method that WORKS!

Starting a new unknown path can be FRIGHTENING!  But don't worry!

This  program is managed by WONDERFUL  people, always available who have found an almost MAGIC FORMULA to succeed! The program is always with you, so when you feel that a topic needs more time to be better studied, you can work on it in every moment!

Last but not least,  the 24/7 community, where you can share your path with other fellow creators, IS THE CHERRY ON TOP!"

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"From being STUCK in a 9-5 job to focusing on my ACTING CAREER full time! Let me tell you this, once I finished the program I  had 2 AUDITION and an OFFER from an AGENT, and I didn't even implement all the strategies Arif and Ricky taught me! If you are unsure, listen to me...GO FOR IT! You will not regret it! Both Arif and Ricky are so nice, approachable and knowledgeable. You can be sure they will tell you all you need to know to succeed as a CONTENT CREATOR, INFLUENCER and ENTREPRENEUR. They are SUPPORTIVE and HONEST, and you will fall in love with their amazing accents!"

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"I started the program with one desire: I wanted to CHANGE my LIFE! This program  gave me MORE than that, it taught me a PROVEN STRATEGY  I can play ANYWHERE in the WORLD. Without the work we did together, I would have never found my NICHE, built my PERSONAL BRAND and been ready to MAKE it in the world. Arif and Ricky are good, friendly human beings, TRUST the PROCESS and you will never REGRET IT! "

What is the InstaBranding Method? 

The InstaBranding Method is our signature program which includes an intensive online curriculum, weekly live consulting Q&A calls with Arif and Ricky, and an exclusive mastermind of supportive entrepreneurs working side-by-side to help you scale your audience, authority, impact, and income leveraging our best-in-class strategy.  

The goal of this program is to provide you with all of the steps and support you need to create a highly profitable online business leveraging organic marketing strategies specifically through Instagram

Who is it


This program is for anyone who wants to skyrocket their personal brand, even if you’re stuck in your 9 to 5 job and you don't have a clue where to start!

If you are an aspiring badass entrepreneur, influencer or you just want to change your life for good,

this is for you.

What does it include?

This program walks you hand-in-hand through the entire process of research, building, launching your personal brand and future offer or service! 

Making money with your ideas has never been so simple!


When does

it start?

You start as soon as you enroll. You'll  have immediate and lifetime access to our portal, weekly live sessions, and an enthusiastic private community. Your journey and your success are our priority, you'll never be left alone!

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Learn the only CLEAR and PROVEN FORMULA  designed to teach you EXACTLY how to take your ideas to the next level and beyond (in the comfort of your home) while you dramatically improve the quality of your life,  have more time for your family and friends, and finally do what you love!



Target Followers

Target Clients

Evergreen Leads


Are you not convinced yet? 
No worries we got your back!

Book a free strategy session today, and you can discuss all your doubts with us, unpack your struggles and know us personally!

The InstaBranding Method is the only online training program (and vibrant community) designed to help you radically shift your mindset and revolutionize your ability to build lasting success in your business, scale your authority in your field, and bring more happiness in your life.



You’ll follow our step-by-step system where you’ll learn:

  • Our potent strategy to defeat your imposter syndrome and fear of rejection that are stopping you. 

  • A foolproof process to help you gain crystal clear clarity on your niche, ideal client and profitable offer. 

  • The exact formula to explode on Instagram and leverage your authority to turn your follower into real, paying clients. (This step alone ignites so many breakthroughs!)

  • The YouTube magnetic blueprint that will bring you clients on autopilot                     

  • The only toolbox every entrepreneur and influencer should have to make their personal brand explode.

  • How to craft a personalized, detailed and magnetic launch for your personal brand and business.

  • How to market yourself the right way to attract clients and brand in your sleep! 

  • The social media strategy to research, find and connect with your ideal clients and brands . 

  • How to strengthen  working relationships and make the best first impression.

  • Website building, photo and video editing, public speaking notions, content panning, aesthetic .... and much more!

STOP procrastinating the successful life you deserve!

Get the solution today! 

Book a free call!

It will be the game-changing experience of your life


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